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Why Choose us?

Our straightforward pricing model is tailored to provide an excellent event experience within a specific budget range, ensuring quality and value for your special occasion at our event center.



Monday- Thursday (6 hours): $1,500
Friday (12PM - 12AM, 12 hours): $4,000
Saturday (12PM - 12AM, 12 hours): $5,000
Sunday (11AM - 11PM, 12 hours: ): $3,000

Flexible use of our event space allows you to make the most of your booking; you're not required to utilize the venue for the entire specified time duration, providing you with the freedom to tailor your event to your needs.

Looking for something else? Contact us to discuss more options.

Event Center Amenities

  • Well-Equipped Kitchen: Our kitchen is designed to support the needs of any catering team, ensuring a seamless experience for your event.
  • Portable Bar: Our portable bar setup is ready to serve your guests.
  • Bartending Services: Professional bartending services provided by our bar partners for all your beverage needs.
  • Flexible Space: Customize the layout with a movable dividing wall, allowing you to create separate areas for different aspects of your event.
  • On-Site Venue Staff: Our experienced staff is on-site throughout your event to provide support and ensure a seamless experience.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Embrace the indoor-outdoor atmosphere with our large scenic garage door, adding a touch of elegance to your event.
  • Ready Room: A dedicated ready room with a mirror and vanity is available for your convenience.
  • Quality Acoustics: Acoustical panels are in place to deliver the best sound quality for your event.
  • Tables and Seating: Choose from 24 60-inch round tables, 200 white chairs, and 3 cocktail tables to suit your event's needs. Additional 5 ft and 6 ft rectangle tables available for buffets, head tables and other misc tables.
  • Event Planning Support: We offer assistance with event planning and can help you connect with trusted vendors.